Luckily, I live quite close to work and I am able to get home during lunch time to spend some time on the boat. I have finished shaping the sides and bottoms so that they match perfectly. The next step there is to epoxy a piece of fiberglass that will connect the front bottom and side together for the first seven inches. This is called the butterfly. Once I do that, I will be ready to “stich” up the boat and it will look like a boat. Before I can do that though, I need to have the forward bulkhead and nesting bulkheads ready to go since they form the shape of the boat.

While I’m waiting to do that, here is some background on the boat. It is a Spindrift 11 foot nesting dinghy. The plans were purchased from B&B Yachts: . The boat will be 11 feet long, and should be able to hold me, the wife and our two kids. It is designed to do three things, Sail, Motor with an outboard, and row. I will build it to do all three and start with rowing, then motor and then sail. It is a nesting boat. This means that it is made up of two halves that bolt together in the middle. Once you un-bolt them, the front turns around and is fitted in the rear. This means I should be able to fit it in my truck bed and shed with no problems. We’ll see!

One of the reasons I chose this boat, is that there is a great forum http:\\ where boat builders post their questions and photos.