Well, the boat is 3D, the breasthook and knees are installed, so it is time for the gunwales. This evening, I ripped my walnut into 1/4″ thick strips 1 1/4″ inch wide. I ended up with a pile of sawdust:




Unfortunately, I need the strips to be 12′ long, and I didn’t have lumber that long, so I need to scarf together two pieces to get one longer than 12′.

Here’s the first step, clamp three pieces to the bench staggered by 1.5″ (about an 8:1 scarf).

The next step is to plane the pieces down at an angle from the top line to the bottom left corner of the bottom piece. Here it is about halfway done:

Once the angles are cut, you are done:

You may notice that the wood is different, it was the next set of pieces.

Then the short pieces were flipped over and mated to the long pieces. I then glued them up with thickened epoxy and clamped them to my bench for the night. They should be ready to go tomorrow at lunch. With any luck, I’ll be able to dry fit them tommorow.